Data Mangement

Clear and Content Rich

Within our call centre we use in-house designed reporting tools to help supervisors and call answering staff do their job as efficiently as possible. In the era of Working from Home, knowing who has returned from a break or quickly conveying an emergency update is made easy when everyone can see the same interface that is updated very 30 seconds.

Bespoke Design

We design forms that work for our clients, we make processing as easy and intutive as possible. We capture and process data to provide clear, compelling management information. Clients are confident that matters are being dealt with by regular, automated updates.

Bus Data Management

Whatever the client requirement we will develop interfaces suited to their needs. Working for Cumbria County Council we prepare timetable data for output to stakeholders in standard ATCO/CIF files. Two or three times a week we upload new or corrected datasets into the National Traveline database.

Education Management

Working with Multi Academy Trusts and individual schools we create and manage data collection and presentation software. Secure, GDPR compliant, data handling through beautiful intuitive websites with extremely well designed back ends.

Until 2016 we provided a large geographic area with wireless broadband. We installed and maintained the network, employed engineers and also managed the customer service.

Demand Responsive Buses

Starting in 2002 with the Village Link Bus in Gloucestershire, then managing Corlink for Cornwall and still booking services for the Wiltshire Connect2Wilstshire service (previoulsy known as WigglyBus). We have 15 years of experience, and booked thousand of journeys.